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About Us

StemLink was created by a group of friends who believed there should be a better way to complete their math homework.

Doing extensive calculations on endless sheets of loose paper, and then submit our solutions on an online platform for grading benefits no one. As a student, it takes more time, and for professors, they are not able to accurately assess our work by grading only our solutions.

Our mission is to develop a collaboration-centric knowledge platform that enables STEM learners a better in person and virtual learning experience for the ever growing needs of a modern workforce.

The Scratchpad Editor

Writing, collaborating and discussing math calculations online has always been a daunting and tedious task. Users are relegated to typing their formulas by using complex languages like LaTeX or uploading blurry images. We knew there should be a better way – there wasn't. So we created one. Scratchpad is an easy-to-use platform to easily type out and share math-based information online that is targeted to users of all skill levels. Writing STEM documents, collaborating, and seeking homework help is no longer limited to those who are more tech-savvy among us. Scratchpad makes the world of online learning more accessible.

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